Slowing down


Feeling sick today, with a bug that’s been with me over Rosh Hashana and Shabbos (ie, the past three days).  So no fasting for me, despite the fact that it’s a fast day (Tzom Gedaliah).

That means both letting go of the fast, and not going very fast.  :>

I think there’s a grace to practice when sick.  Letting go of the “to do” list, the upcoming deadlines and projects around the house.  Just being here with this body, with this spirit.  Slowing down.  Letting go.

I usually find a spiritual message waiting for me in there, like a gift yet to be unwrapped.  Some correction (small or large) that I need to make in my trajectory or my outlook.

I haven’t seen it yet this time around.

But the day is young.

What do you do when you’re sick, Gentle Reader?


4 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. Grace

    Sometimes, I remember your way of meditation upon sickness. Sometimes. Lately, I find myself more often unwell than well. So distraction is my method. Work is a pretty good distraction.

    I have a genetic condition that causes chronic pain. It’s a little different than ‘sick,’ especially in that there’s often nothing that can be done. The big difference is that it is ever-present. Over the years, I’ve had to permanently let go of the to-do list. I’ve had to make peace with the fact that my house will never be a model of cleanliness or organization.

    I take comfort in that I choose to spend my energies on friends and social activities. If there’s no strength left for housecleaning, I’m fine with that.


  2. shimon

    Oy. Sorry to hear about chronic pain. The very few (thankfully short) times I’ve endured that, it hasn’t been pretty. I have great respect for people in constant pain.
    It feels like a smart choice to spend your energies on friends and social activities.
    I’m curious (if you don’t mind saying) whether you notice that certain activities, stressors or situations increase or decrease the pain, or whether it just seems constant (or “random” fluctuations).


    1. Grace

      I do keep trying to notice that. Lately, work is a tremendous stressor; but even that is not consistent. It is almost completely random. And random is definitely the most difficult part. I have moderate improvement with clean eating, though it’s not a guarantee and not a magic bullet. I started having heart palpitations earlier this year, and did find some dietary cause for that – although I still get random episodes. (Cardiologist assures me they won’t kill me)


      1. shimonwalner Post author

        Random is hardest, no question.
        Stress wreaks havoc on the body and internal systems, also no question.
        I suspect that prayer and/or meditation could be helpful (even if it doesn’t ameliorate symptoms, it might be helpful), but that’s just a guess.

        May the pain ease.


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