Is it over?


I mentioned that I find 2048 to be an addictive game for me.

I also mentioned that I was close to achieving a 8192 tile (which is severe overkill for the game, whose goal is to create a 2048 tile).

What I failed to mention was that when (if) I got to that level, I would be done with the game.

So today I got there, and so today I’m done with 2048 (G-d willing!).

This will be a lovely test for me.

And so my musing natural goes to this process and what would be helpful to me in staying done with this addictive game.  And one of the things I find helpful is to declare my intention to friends.

So, Gentle Reader, I count you among my friends today when I ask you to support me in my intention to be done with this addictive game.

And I ask: have you ever found it helpful to publicly declare an intention to do something difficult?

May your way be clear, and your spirit strong today.


2 thoughts on “Is it over?

  1. shimonwalner Post author


    Am I understanding you correctly that you’ve tried public declarations before and they haven’t worked well for you?
    It’s good to know what works (and what doesn’t work) for you personally. For myself, I don’t think I’ve used *this* kind of public declaration before (usually it’s just with friends and/or family), but so far so good. It feels like the declaration is making it a little easier for me.
    Is there anything that does bolster your resolve (that you’d be willing to share)?



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