To be continued


It’s been a few days since my last post.  This delay is primarily due to planning for my upcoming wedding(!), but also because I want to modulate my tone here a bit and I’ve been reflecting on how to accomplish that.  My inclination right now is to make things more personal and move into issues and challanges with which I currently struggle.

So my intention is to start the coming week with a post on addictive tendencies, flights from difficult emotions, and what has been helpful (but not wholly successful) for me.

Which brings me to my musing today, which is that when I find myself putting something off, it’s helpful to state my intentions out loud to someone.  Set up an expectation outside myself as an additional motivation.  (“My friend is expecting me to send them a draft of that article by Monday,” or some such.)

So thank you, Gentle Reader, for participating in my spiritual practice for today, by helping me set an expectation of myself to carry on about addiction in the early part of this coming week.

In the meantime, may your Sabbath and/or weekend days be restorative and restful for you.


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